Why do skills matter?

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The changing demand for skills will transform some jobs Australians have relied on for decades. The key challenge is for Australians to build the skills necessary to evolve with jobs as they change and as new ones are created.

Australian businesses success depends on the skills of their workforce. As technology continues to change what businesses do and how they operate, so too will the skills in demand.

While it is hard to predict the skills in demand in the future, we know employers are looking for workers who have a combination of transferrable digital skills and collaborative, creative, communication and entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills.

"…businesses want more than hard technical skills. Enterprise skills such as complex and creative problem solving, innovative thinking, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration and an understanding of the business and industry context are what many … are looking for from new employees.”

We also know that most jobs will require some digital skills. More than 90 per cent of Australians will need to use some level of digital skills at work within the next five years. But this won’t all be computer programmers and coders. All jobs will increasingly require the basic skills required to communicate and find information online.

Individuals, businesses, and governments need to work together to support a workforce with the skills in demand so we can have a modern, competitive economy. Australians all have a role to play:

  • workers should identify opportunities to continue to update and develop new skills
  • businesses need to invest in their workforce
  • the Government will support people to evolve with their jobs and transition to new ones.