Minister's foreword

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Around the world, digital technologies are changing the way we live and work in ways we could not predict just a generation ago.

In order to continue our run of over 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth, Australia must seize the significant economic and social opportunities that digital technologies bring.

We are already well on the way. Businesses are improving their productivity by adopting and adapting new technologies including autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence and remote sensors into their current operations. They are improving output and safety and competing on the world stage.

New industries are being created, for all sorts of new products and services, both for the Australian market and for the increasingly accessible global market.

The adoption of new technologies is also bringing well-paying jobs for people of all qualifications, improvements in quality of life, increased connectedness and benefits for consumers.

Australia’s Tech Future sets out the opportunities and the challenges in maximising the benefits on offer. It highlights the significant work already happening across Government and identifies further action required to ensure all Australians can thrive in a global digital economy.

To reap the benefits that new technologies provide and make sure no-one is left behind we must work together. The Government will continue to engage with all Australians to ensure we are forward looking but also flexible and responsive as new opportunities and challenges arise.

Hon Karen Andrews MP
Minister for Industry, Science and Technology