Why does digital Government matter?

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Government delivers a wide range of services that support businesses and the broader Australian community. Digital approaches free-up people from the business of dealing with government and allow them to focus on what’s important. People expect digital services from government that keep pace with their technology and services from other sectors.

Australia fares well on the world stage – for instance, the latest United Nations e-Government Development Index ranks Australia second in the world for the third time running. Millions of Australians are already securely accessing a range of government services online everyday through platforms such as myGov. These services include myTax (ATO), Medicare rebates and a range of Centrelink claims and benefits.

Technology allows Government to more easily engage with the community through a variety of digital channels. This ensures the views of people who use government services can more effectively be understood and addressed in developing new policy.

Government services need to keep pace with the opportunities of digital transformation and provide value for money to the community.