Where do we need to focus our attention in digital government?

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Improving the digital experience

The Government has already made significant progress to transform government services and ICT infrastructure, but needs to keep improving online services delivery to address the gap in service experience between the private and public sector.

There are many challenges that impact on a government’s ability to adopt innovative digital technologies [1MB PDF]. These challenges include:

  • cultural barriers to engaging digitally
  • regulatory and legislative barriers that restrict data sharing between government agencies
  • resource barriers such as technology costs
  • capability barriers in terms of staff skills and knowledge.

Building trust

As the custodian of extensive data holdings about citizens and businesses, the Government is responsible for protecting the privacy of that data, as well as maintaining and increasing the trust of the community. Government takes this issue very seriously, and there is more to do to increase transparency and build trust in both the use of data and decision-making in government.

The Government is committed to delivering a reliable, effective experience and learning, adapting and improving its approach.

Supporting increased use of digital services

Government digital services need to be simple and easy for everyone to use (noting that some people may need support to use digital services).

Government services need to be responsive to the culture, language and beliefs of different communities in our diverse country, and be written in plain English. Overcoming these challenges is critical to providing good services.