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Australia’s National Resources Workforce Strategy provides a forward-looking plan to help connect people with the skills and opportunities needed for a rewarding career in the sector.

The resources sector makes up over half of Australia’s exports, and has long employed a large number of Australians in both regions and cities.

We are a world leading supplier of energy and other commodities, such as essential inputs for construction, cars, wind turbines, smart phones and many other modern technologies.

It is no surprise then that the forecast for growth and job creation in the sector remains strong, despite a year characterised by hardship and disruption. 

The sector provides diverse career pathways. Resources is one of our largest regional employers, supported by laboratories, operations centres and offices across Australia and around the world.

The sector is constantly changing, innovating and using the latest cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and big data. Our competitive edge relies on bringing together a breadth of skills and expertise, alongside a commitment to being the best.

Australia is well placed in this regard, home to world-class education and training, including for example digital, engineering, science and trades.

The government believes that all Australians should have access to training and education to prepare for employment. Particularly where jobs are regional, we want to ensure that people living in regional communities can enrol in relevant training and continue to up-skill.

Our incentives and student support help to prepare Australians to join the country’s highest paying industry, and to gain skills and experience that are highly sought after across industries and internationally.

The strategy draws together the government’s commitment to education reform, skills packages and job support that will help all Australians to pursue careers in the resources sector.

Working together with state and territory governments, industry and academia, we will ensure that the resources sector continues to grow, support the economy and provide long-term, rewarding careers to Australians.


February 2020

The Hon. Keith Pitt MP,
Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia