Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) growth opportunities

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Australian METS companies are well-placed to play a dominant role in the resources sector of the future, capturing an ever-larger share of world markets and ensuring that Australian resources operations are competitive and at the cutting edge. As a leader in the development of knowledge, technology and practices for the resources sector, Australia can export its research, development and intellectual property to the world.

In 2015, Australian METS organisations exported approximately $15 billion of products and services to more than 200 mining jurisdictions around the world.31 There are significant opportunities for future export growth as the Australian METS and resources sector harnesses the opportunities of automation and technology to increase productivity, improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint of our resources projects.

To cement the sector’s world-leading position, industry and government must seek out opportunities to incentivise new streams of research and development, foster more collaboration between industry and academia and gain footholds in new export markets, particularly in our region.

The government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative through METS Ignited and National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) are supporting the sector to expand its global market share, enhance the sector’s value proposition and create new collaborative links across the METS, resources and research sectors.