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This statement sets out a blueprint for a more collaborative and long-term reform agenda to create an Australian resources sector for the 21st Century. This will be an era where economic reforms must accommodate digital disruption, social, safety and environmental issues and above all have community engagement and acceptance.

Australia has a technologically advanced, forward-looking resources sector. It is well placed to meet the challenges of the future. The vision and actions of this statement are key to attracting and cultivating the best and brightest people, capturing more investment and delivering prosperity to Australians, particularly those in regional communities.

This statement cannot deliver outcomes without partnerships between governments, industry and communities. It is recognised that the states and territories carry most of the regulatory burden for the resources sector. However, the government will endeavour to lead at the national level to drive key reforms.

The government will continue to lead and promote international engagement with Australia’s resources sector, geoscience and exploration through to research and development, METS, and community engagement.

The government will work through new and existing forums to implement the actions in this statement and deliver outcomes. A key aspect is the reinvigorated resources agenda for the COAG Energy Council.

The government will also regularly track progress of the actions to identify success and whether new efforts are required to achieve the reform agenda put forward in this statement.

Future success will be measured by whether the goals in this statement are achieved to increase exploration investment and success for new Tier One resources, develop new resources regions and industries to market, develop a long term R&D strategic agenda and data capability across the sector, develop a knowledge and environmental management economy, and that the reputation of the sector is one of being inclusive, diverse and accepted by communities as socially responsible and safe.