Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: March 2014

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Quarterly Update
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August 2014

Australia’s National Greenhouse Accounts are made up of a series of comprehensive reports and databases that estimate, and account for, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. These publications fulfil Australia’s international and domestic inventory reporting requirements. The Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory reports on the latest estimates of Australia’s national greenhouse gas inventory.

Key data

In the latest Quarterly Update, Australia's annual emissions for the year to March 2014 (excluding emissions from land use, land use change and forestry) are estimated to be 541.9 Mt CO2-e.

  • National emissions levels were unchanged in trend terms for the March 2014 quarter.
  • While annual emissions for the year to March 2014 (excluding the land sector) decreased 1.1 per cent to 541.9 Mt CO2-e compared to the year to March 2013, emissions for the March 2014 quarter increased 1.4 per cent relative to the previous quarter, on a seasonally adjusted and weather normalised basis.

Over the year to March 2014, there was a decline in emissions from electricity (section 2.1), reflecting lower electricity demand and changes in the generation mix. Emissions from industrial processes (section 2.5) and agriculture (section 2.6) also declined over the year. These declines were partially offset by increases in fugitive emissions (section 2.4) and the stationary energy excluding electricity (section 2.2) sector.

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