Government support for commercial success

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Australia has billions of dollars of resources opportunities ready for exploration and development.

We produce the world’s most advanced pre-competitive exploration data to underpin private investment decisions. This data details the continent’s potential mineral, energy and groundwater resources.

Over A$310 billion worth of new projects expansions has been completed in the last five years.

There are also projects worth billions more in the pipeline.

A series of investment stages for resources projects showing the value at each stage; from publically announced ($60-113+ billion), feasability stage ($137-216+ billion), commited projects ($30 billion) and completed projects ($310 billion) with investment figures.

Project pipeline for the Australian mining sector. Source: Geoscience Australia, Australian Energy and Minerals Resources Investor Guide 2020.

Australia’s federal, state and territory governments make significant investments to better understand opportunities in our resources sector. We use this information to assist investors in their commercial success.

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ Office of the Chief Economist releases the Resources and Energy Quarterly,7  containing up-to-date forecasts of the values, volumes and prices of Australia’s major resources and energy commodity exports. Australia’s Northern Territory, Tasmanian, and South Australian state governments also have state-specific investor guides to provide targeted support.

Australia’s Geological Survey, Geoscience Australia, has developed an Energy and Mineral Resources Investor Guide, outlining investment opportunities in Australia’s resources sector.8 It also provides fundamental geographic information to all parties, free of charge.9 

Geoscience Australia also publishes Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources, an annual assessment of Australia’s mineral reserves and resources for major and minor commodities.

Geoscience Australia’s A$225 million Exploring for the Future Program provides pre-competitive data about potential mineral, energy and groundwater, used widely by Industry to inform investment decisions.

Exploring for the Future has already mapped around 39% of Australia, with more on the way. Its publicly-available data could drive an estimated A$2.5 billion in economic benefits and jobs in Northern Australia. It has already resulted in more than twenty companies taking up new investments, covering over 120,000 square kilometres of exploration acreage across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

In addition to supporting commercial decision-making, the government has committed an additional A$100 million to extend the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI) until 2025.

The JMEI attracts new investors by allowing explorers to access tax incentives, and has already helped companies raise over A$340 million in additional capital.