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Australia’s resources sector is innovative, strong and resilient. We are maintaining our well-deserved reputation as a consistent supplier of energy and resources.

Our industries are reliable, responsible and ready for the future.

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, Australia’s resources exports continue to break records.  We expect to see this trend continue in coming years. Australia’s vast resources, world-class production operations and established supply chains mean we can competitively supply resources and energy around the world.

Today, Australia is a world leader in the export of iron ore, coal and LNG and we are at the forefront in pursuing export opportunities for new energy technology related commodities, including rare earth elements and critical minerals.

The Australian Government is committed to delivering the strongest and most business-friendly investment environment for the Australian resources sector. We offer a strong, stable and transparent regulatory environment as well as research and development incentives to support innovation.

Our proximity to Asia and high quality resources have seen us become the supplier of choice in ever-expanding global supply chains.

The Australian mining industry is a world leader in sustainable resource management and mine safety.

The government has invested in world-leading geoscience institutions, cooperative research centres and industry-led growth centres. This will enable the sector to remain a global leader as a reliable supplier and innovative player for the future. The government also has invested in our Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector through our dedicated industry growth centre, METS Ignited.

We are well positioned to supply new markets interested in downstream processing for emerging technology products using critical minerals and new energy sources such as hydrogen.

The government supports Australia’s highly-skilled and innovative resource workers through targeted educational programs, ensuring our workers have the diverse and complex skills that new advanced technologies in the sector require.

This Global Resources Statement is the first instalment of the Global Resources Strategy. The statement sets out the strengths and opportunities of our resources sector. It highlights Australia’s position as a reliable, responsible and future-ready player for new and existing trading partners.

I commend this Statement to our global trading partners and look forward to working together with other governments, industry and the community.

The Hon Keith Pitt MP
Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia