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Australia has a long history as a reliable, resources exporter, supporting growth, construction and energy supplies throughout Asia.

Australia’s resources sector is a world leader in the reliable supply of iron ore, liquefied natural gas, coal, bauxite, nickel and manganese. Further, Australia has vast supplies of bulk commodities, precious metals, new energy resources and critical minerals of a high quality.

The Australian regulatory landscape is stable and predictable, with strong and coordinated efforts to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose. The government is ensuring that national environmental legislation does not unnecessarily duplicate state and territory processes while maintaining a high standard of protection.

Figure show's statistics about Australia's resources sector in a series of hexagons around a central hexagon. The centre hexagon says 'Australia's Resources Sector at the centre'. The top hexagon says #1: Australia is the #1 world exporter in iron ore and coal.  The top left hexagon says #2: Australia is the #2 world exporter of aluminium ores, unwrought lead, and zinc ores.  The top right hexagon says #3: Australia is the #3 world exporter of cooper ores by value. The bottom left hexagon says Australia is a world leader in sustainable mining. The bottom right hexagon says Australia has 4 of top 5 universities for mining engineering. The bottom hexagon says Australia is a world leader in resources safety regulations.

Australia’s proximity to Asia has seen it become the choice supplier in ever-expanding global supply chains. Australia has developed world-leading geoscience and learned institutions, technological research facilities, and a METS sector to support the exploration and development of our resources.

The government is investing in practical and project‑based international collaboration and engagement opportunities to advance our priority low emissions technologies.

Building on our strengths, Australia is well positioned to supply new markets with bulk commodities, critical minerals, hydrogen and the world’s best practice knowledge and governance.

This statement introduces Australia’s Global Resources Strategy to the world and invites investors and trading partners to engage with the Australian Government and Australian expertise to meet changing energy and resources needs.

We are reliable, responsible and ready of the future.