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Photo of Minister Christian Porter
The Hon Christian Porter MP
Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents incredible opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs, stimulate businesses, and by doing so, can also improve our day to day lives. Australians are already using AI every day. We’re organising our daily schedules using voice assistants and taking recommendations on the movies we should watch. AI helps our manufacturers create new and better products. It helps predict and prevent the spread of bushfires. It also helps speed up our ability to diagnose and treat diseases such as COVID-19.

It has been estimated that AI could contribute more than $20 trillion dollars to the global economy by 2030. To take advantage of the opportunities AI presents, it is vital that as a nation we harness our collective capabilities, talent and resources to be both early adopters of AI, but also significant contributors to the progress of this technology.

Australia’s AI Action Plan sets out the Australian Government’s path forward to ensure we responsibly leverage AI to further strengthen our economy and lift the quality of life for all Australians. The new actions in this plan build on the strong foundations the Australian Government has previously put in place to grow our digital and broader economy.

This plan will ensure AI is used and developed to practically improve our lives, guided by appropriate security and ethical considerations. We are committed to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to benefit from these new technologies, and that their use and development reflects Australia’s diverse community.

As a key part of the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy, the AI Action Plan will support businesses to enter new markets, invest in their own digital transformation, and deliver globally competitive products and services.

This will in turn uplift businesses across the economy, boosting their productivity and competitiveness, helping them to increase revenue and employ more Australians. To ensure those benefits can be fully realised, there is a need for collaboration between our researchers, academics and our industries. For that reason, it is important that many of the initiatives being pursued have increasing commercialisation as a central principle.

Building our domestic capability in AI also ensures we are well prepared to counter national security threats, while simultaneously supporting innovation and developing Australia’s AI expertise in areas of competitive strength. For instance, it is clear that AI has great potential and an important part to play in Australia’s manufacturing sector and especially for Australia’s 6 National Manufacturing Priorities under our Modern Manufacturing Strategy. Whether it is in the areas of resources and critical minerals, medical products, or the opportunities of space, we have already seen the enhancements to productivity and enterprise that AI brings, and the government is intent on seeing that continue.

The AI Action Plan brings the Australian Government’s direct investment in AI to almost half a billion dollars since 2018. The government is committed to elevating Australia to a world leading digital economy and a global leader in the development and adoption of AI.

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