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The AI Action Plan is a key feature of the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy.

The Digital Economy Strategy aims to deliver on the Australian Government’s ambition for Australia to be a leading digital economy and society by 2030. Building capability in emerging technologies within the digital economy, such as AI, will:

  • drive productivity and prosperity
  • create jobs
  • enable us to solve the real-world problems of today
  • grow the businesses and sectors of tomorrow.

The AI Action Plan contributes to this by setting out the Australian Government’s vision for Australia to be a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI. It outlines the actions the government is taking to realise this vision and ensure everyone will share the benefits of an AI-enabled economy. Taking these steps will lift our competitive capabilities, enable industry-wide transformation and secure Australia’s future prosperity by unlocking local jobs and economic growth.

Australian Government support for AI adoption and development is not new. The AI Action Plan represents a focusing of new and existing initiatives and policy settings, and draws together a range of actions across government. This includes a combination of:

  • AI direct measures, including those announced in the 2021–22 Budget
  • Programs and incentives that drive the growth of technology and digital skills, where AI can be a key or crucial component
  • Foundational policy settings that support business, innovation and the Australian economy, where the benefit extends to driving the development of AI.

The development of the AI Action Plan complements the work of state and territory governments and has drawn on:

  • nearly 90 public submissions to the discussion paper
  • multiple stakeholder workshops and consultations
  • insights from the government’s 2019 national AI summit (Techtonic).

It also aligns with other priority areas of government, including our Modern Manufacturing Strategy. This strategy will see Australia be recognised as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation, and create jobs for now and future generations. It is also consistent with:

  • our commitment to creating a safer online world for Australians through our Cyber Security Strategy 2020
  • our desire to create a high-skilled workforce for jobs of the future
  • the government’s commitment to provide the right incentives to businesses and innovators through lower taxes.

Realising the Australian Government’s vision for AI will require governments, businesses, researchers and individuals to work together.

Action plan focus areas

The AI Action Plan will be implemented under 4 focus areas.

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