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Assembly technicians construct, assemble, fit, fasten and install parts in aeroplanes, spacecraft and satellites.

Assembly technicians put together the various components that make up a finished product. These might include structural, mechanical, electrical or electronic components. Assembly technicians often work in a production line, with each technician working on one specific part. Alternatively, some assembly technicians complete the assembly of a product from start to finish.

Keeping the work area clean and free of dust is critical for assembling space technology. Technicians in the space industry often need to follow special procedures to prevent contamination. They also need technical skills such as soldering or using hand tools, and reading specifications and technical drawings. Some parts may be so small the technician has to assemble them under a microscope.

Assembly technicians are sometimes called structural fitters or technicians

Study pathway

The following TAFE courses are relevant to becoming an assembly technician:

  • Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (MEM20413) followed by a trade qualification
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (MEM30305)
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade (MEM30205)
  • Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade (MEM50105
  • Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical (MEA40718)
  • Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Mechanical (TB1) (10599NAT)


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