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The Australian Government established the Agency to transform and grow a globally respected space industry. To be sustainable, the space industry itself needs to lead investment; however the Government has an important role as a partner, facilitator, and regulator. The Government’s roles and responsibilities, through the Agency, include to:


  • Identify and enable international opportunities, for example through international bilateral and multilateral partnerships.
  • Identify and address barriers or impediments to space market participation, both domestically and abroad.


  • Engage in development and implementation of international obligations and norms, as well as providing a regulatory framework that enables entrepreneurship while ensuring safety, managing risk, and considering Australia’s national security interests.
  • Advise on the intersection between civil space matters, military space matters, national interest, and the broader security environment (including cyber security), as it applies to civil space.


  • Focus on market gaps, inefficient or ineffective markets, as well as emerging areas of interest.
  • Stimulate commercial investment, giving Australia the ‘first mover’ advantage in new technology areas.


  • Encourage STEM education and skills development through the prism of space.
  • Create conditions to grow the future workforce.