Phase 2 (2019–2021): Engaging with opportunity

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Building on setting conditions for growth.


  • Deliver the $15 million International Space Investment (ISI) initiative terminating 2020–22.
  • Continue development of international partnerships including with the US and ESA.
  • Explore opportunities with other international partners, including multilateral opportunities.


  • Deliver the $19.5 million Space Infrastructure Fund to support the transformation and growth of industry, complementing and amplifying outcomes for industry from the ISI.
  • Develop roadmaps for each priority area in consultation with industry and government agencies to build on activities to date, identify areas of opportunity for industry including investment, and identify areas where government could provide effective investment to deliver on the Strategy.


  • Finalise subordinate legislation to support the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018.
  • Establish a regulatory framework for safe operations that meets our international obligations, including for launching from Australia.


  • Implement STEM initiatives and partnerships with industry to develop the future diverse and inclusive workforce, including Indigenous engagement and internships.
  • Examine options for ‘moonshot’ missions that inspire the nation and provide stretch, increase capability and build collaboration in the space sector.