Australian agriculture start-ups making their mark in data science

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Publication Date: 
December 2018
Case study from: Australia's Tech Future


Based in Armidale, NSW, SmartShepherd was named Most Innovative International Farm Tech Start-up at the 2018 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit. SmartShepherd’s innovative electronic tag, attached to both the mother animal and her offspring, makes it possible for farmers to record and monitor their behaviour and better inform decisions about their stock. The smart tag uses low-cost Bluetooth technology and is powered by a small battery.

Yield Technology Solutions

The Yield Technology Solutions won the 2017 ‘Big Data/ Machine Learning Innovation of the Year’ award for its integrated sensor, data analytics and app product tailored for aquaculture. Now expanded to agriculture, The Yield’s microclimate sensing and predictive system helps farmers improve their decision making and agricultural output. Using The Yield’s app, oyster farmers collect real-time data from sensors that measure salinity and analyse water quality.

The data is then converted through predictive modelling into a three-day harvest area forecast, which reduces the risk of uncertainty from weather. With these hyper-local forecasts, farmers enjoy greater visibility over their harvest areas and have data-backed evidence to help them make important decisions.