Innovation provides opportunities for Australia’s female entrepreneurs and researchers

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November 2017
Case study from: Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation

Australia has a fine tradition of quiet achievers, often better known on the world stage than at home. Dr Deborah Rathjen is one such person. She is an entrepreneur, scientist, innovator, mother and CEO of Bionomics, an Adelaide-based biopharmaceutical company that has gone global.

Dr Rathjen is steering Bionomics through a critical phase in building a portfolio of drug candidates from early to advanced stages of clinical development. Bionomics is developing innovative therapeutics for diseases of the central nervous system (including Alzheimer’s disease) and cancer. She is renowned for her business acumen (including company financing, mergers and acquisitions), and experience in therapeutic product research and development, business development, licensing and commercialisation.

Dr Rathjen was awarded the BioSingapore Asia Pacific Biotechnology Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, and 2014 Woman Executive of the Year at the BioPharm Industry Awards. In 2015, Dr Rathjen was included in the top 50 most influential Australian business women by The Australian newspaper.