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The Anti-Dumping Review Panel received applications from Win&P,.Ltd (Win&P) and both Senvion Australia Pty Ltd and Senvion Systems SE (collectively Senvion) under the Customs Act 1901 for a review of a decision by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister to publish a dumping duty notice in respect of Wind Towers exported from the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea.

Under subsection 269ZZK(1) of the Customs Act 1901, The Anti-Dumping Review Panel is required to make a report to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry on the application recommending that the Parliamentary Secretary either affirm the reviewable decision or revoke the reviewable decision and substitute a specified new decision.

On 21 October the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry AFFIRMED the decision under review. The public notice of the decision was advertised in the Australian on Monday 27 October 2014.

ADRP Recommendation Report

ADRP Report No. 15 -15 October 2014


The ADRP has requested that the Anti-Dumping Commissioner reinvestigate certain findings as detailed in the letter below:

ADC Report No. 270 -26 September 2014

ADRP Extension Request Response - 18 August 2014

Reinvestigation request to the ADC - 21 July 2014

Submissions to the ADRP

Government of South Korea - 4 July 2014

Win&P - 4 July 2014

Haywards and Keppel Prince - 4 July 2014

Win&P - 27 June 2014

Non-Confidential Correspondence

ADC comments - Attachment A to cover letter - 3 July 2014

ADC comments - cover letter - 3 July 2014

Letter to ADC - 26 June 2014

Letter to ADRP - 25 June 2014

ADC Invitation to Comment Letter - 4 June 2014

Applications to the ADRP

Senvion- 16 May 2014

Win&P - 16 May 2014

Public Notification

Public Notice: 27 October 2014 - Parliamentary Secretary Decision

Public Notice- 4 June 2014 - ADRP intention to conduct a review of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry's Decision

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