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Certain Wind Towers exported from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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The Anti-Dumping Review Panel (ADRP) received an application from Keppel Engineering Pty Ltd and Ottoway Fabrication Pty Ltd dated 6 March 2018 for review of a decision ("Reviewable Decision") by the Commissioner of the Anti-Dumping Commission ("Commission") to terminate Investigation 405 into the alleged dumping of Certain Wind Towers exported to Australia from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Reviewable Decision was published on the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) website on 6 February 2018 (ADN 2018/20).

Under subsection 269ZZT(1) of the Customs Act 1901, the Panel must make a decision on the application by affirming the Reviewable Decision or revoking the Reviewable Decision. The decision of the Panel will be published on this website.

Public Notice

Public Notice - Intention to Conduct a Review - Published 15 March 2018


Keppel Engineering Pty Ltd and Ottoway Fabrication Pty Ltd - Published 15 March 2018


Letter from the ADRP to the ADC - Request for documents - Published 15 March 2018


ADRP Decision No. 77 - Published 15 May 2018

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