Aerofloat: a decade of optimising wastewater treatment

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Publication Date: 
November 2020
Case study from: Industry Innovation and Science Australia annual reports

Aerofloat is passionate about providing the best in wastewater treatment solutions. They provide seamless project delivery.

Based in Sydney, Aerofloat is Australian-owned and family-operated. 

Aerofloat has a client focused business model. This ensures the most impact for our environment and client compliance.

Aerofloat offers businesses custom-designed solutions to complex wastewater problems. Problems range from industrial, high strength waste stream to remote sewage treatment plant locations.

Innovation always remains at the core of Aerofloat. This includes:

  • fit for purpose design
  • efficient installation
  • reliable operability
  • simplistic maintenance procedures

Aerofloat began 10 years ago. It started off designing wastewater systems for houseboats on the Murray River. They have now won the prestigious GreenTech Consensus Award in 2019. Atlassian and WiseTech are previous recipients. 

Despite these achievements, it is the company’s patented technology that they are the most proud of. 

Ray Anderson is Aerofloat’s Managing Director. He has been working in the wastewater industry since the 1970’s. Ray has extensive research,development and product development experience. 

Aerofloat’s journey with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme began in 2016. They received a $250,000 grant. This was to accelerate the commercialisation of a modular dissolved air flotation system. They system enabled the flow of 48 cubic metres of water per hour. 

This technology caught the attention of industries looking for more efficient options for larger amounts of wastewater. It increased market opportunities for these industries. 

Over the past 5 years, Aerofloat has continued to engage with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. The Programme has helped propel their business management plans. It also enabled them to develop their marketing strategy and sales processes. 

Aerofloat has continued to win both national and global contracts. It now boasts an impressive clientele. They service wineries, to plastic recyclers, cardboard manufacturers and beyond. 

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