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Content contained herein should be attributed as Commonwealth of Australia Advancing Women in STEM.

ISBN: 978-1-925050-09-7 (online)

Produced by: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science


The following images are featured in the PDF publication.

Cover, clockwise from top left: Victoria Coleman (NMI supplied image), Questacon Smart Skills Participant (in image) Peter Smith (photographer), Colleen MacMillan (CSIRO supplied image), Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith (personal image), Salam Matalka (NMI supplied image), Ronika Powers (personal image).

  • Dr Cathy Foley (CSIRO supplied image).
  • Claire and Imogen (Curious Minds supplied image).
  • Leanne Smith (personal image).
  • Tim Reed (Kit Haseldon).
  • Edith Cowan University SAGE awards ceremony (Edith Cowan University supplied image).
  • Dr Tien Huynh (personal image).
  • Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith (CSIRO supplied image).

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