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Space business development managers

Learn about a career as a space business development manager.

Space business development managers identify new customers and create proposals to gain additional business opportunities.

Business development managers are part of every industry. They build professional relationships with new and existing customers, clients, suppliers and stakeholders to generate new business opportunities. Most space missions are the result of multiple organisations working together. Business development managers are key to successful collaborations, so as the industry grows so will demand for their skills.

Identifying and networking with key decision-makers is central to the business development manager’s job. They must also keep up to date with the latest industry developments, including new companies, products and technology.

In order to sell their products and services, business development managers need sales and marketing skills. They are responsible for putting together proposals, coordinating contracts and managing ongoing business relationships. They are also involved with financial reporting and forecasting.

Study pathway

Degrees in the following study areas may also be relevant to becoming a business development manager:

  • engineering
  • engineering management
  • business
  • business administration
  • business management
  • commerce.

Almost all universities in Australia offer degrees in these areas. Visit individual university websites for more information.