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Software developers and software engineers

Learn about a career as a software developer or software engineer.

Software developers and software engineers design, program, test, implement and maintain software programs.

Software helps run almost every organisation and business in the world, and the space industry is no different. In fact, space exploration helped pioneer software engineering. In the space sector, software developers and engineers create tools and applications that set the standards for other industries.

Benchmarks and performance standards in the space industry are extremely demanding and precise. There's no room for error when it comes to missions in space. Rebooting is often not an option in space, so the software needs to keep running no matter what, using a minimum of power.

Software developers and engineers need extensive experience with testing code in order to refine and streamline systems. An understanding of the way systems in space and on the ground interact and work together is also vital.

Study pathway

There is no minimum study requirement to work as a software developer or engineer, however, there are many study options available. Some people are self-taught, while others pursue tertiary study at TAFE or university.

Degrees in the following study areas may be relevant to becoming a software developer or engineer:

  • computer science
  • information technology
  • engineering (software engineering).

Almost all universities in Australia offer degrees in computer science. Visit individual university websites for more information.