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Machine learning and AI engineers

Learn about a career as a machine learning and AI engineer.

Machine learning and AI engineers program and deploy artificial intelligence to process and synthesise information.

The Apollo missions had less computing power than the mobile phone in your pocket. Today, the aerospace industry is highly computerised, and it produces huge amounts of data including readings, results and measurements.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are specialisations within software development. These engineers teach computers how analyse very large amounts of data and find meaningful connections and patterns.

These engineers need knowledge of current industrial-level computer operating systems and coding languages like Python, Java and C++. Keeping up with developments in the field is important so they can take advantage of the latest technologies.

Advanced skills in machine learning and AI technology are more important than space industry experience in these roles. However, they will be at the forefront of making tomorrow's space missions more efficient, safer and more productive.

Study pathway

There is no minimum study requirement to work as a machine learning or AI engineer. There are, however, many study options available.

Degrees in the following study areas may be relevant to becoming a machine learning or AI engineer:

  • data science
  • computer science
  • information technology
  • engineering (software engineering).

Almost all universities in Australia offer degrees in computer science. Visit individual university websites for more information.