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Engineering technologist

Learn about a career as an engineering technologist.

Engineering technologists analyse, modify, test and apply new and existing engineering technologies to solve complex issues in consultation with engineers.

Engineering technologists have similar training to engineers, but with a focus on practical applications. Engineers design things, and then engineering technologists build them. They also design the processes and systems involved in producing or manufacturing the final product. Building and testing prototypes is a key part of the role, as is managing the production process and upgrading and customising equipment.

Engineering technologists often have management responsibilities, such as supervising staff and planning the roster. They need good communication skills in order to prepare and submit proposals to management. Cost analysis and the ability to interpret data are essential for running projects efficiently. Engineering technologists also need strong mathematical and drafting skills in order to draw blueprints for new technologies.

Study pathway

Diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor degrees in the following study areas may be relevant to becoming an engineering technologist:

  • engineering
  • engineering technology
  • technology.

Many universities in Australia offer qualifications in these areas. Visit individual university websites for more information.