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CAD drafters and designers

Learn about a career as a CAD drafters and designers.

CAD drafters and designers use computer-aided design to create and modify 2D and 3D designs and drawings.

Computer-aided designers use specialised software to create concepts and designs for structures, machinery, vehicles and industrial systems. Their services may be required at any stage of the project lifecycle from initial concept to prototyping.

Design plays a critical role in aerospace. The materials used, their mass, and the cost of a project all impact on the mission’s viability and safety. CAD specialists might design anything from a vehicle hull or airframe to a microprocessor or circuit board.

It’s important that they keep up to date with the latest trends and practices in digital-based manufacturing. Their designs need to meet the strictest possible criteria around size, space, mass and performance.

CAD designers in the space industry also need an understanding of and experience with new and cutting-edge technologies. These include things like machine learning-aided design, virtual performance simulations and additive component manufacturing.

Study pathway

The following TAFE courses are relevant to becoming a CAD drafters or designer:

  • Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting (MEM40412)
  • Diploma of Engineering Technical (MEM50212).