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Automation and robotics technicians

Learn about a career as an automation or robotics technician.

Automation and robotics technicians assist engineers to build, install, operate, test and maintain robots, robotic components, devices and systems.

Robotics technicians help engineers design and build robotic systems and help keep them running smoothly. Robotics combines mechanical and electronic systems with computer programming. As such, robotics technicians need to be knowledgeable across a number of areas. They need to understand hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics to keep the machines running well. They also need an understanding of the programming involved so that they can do basic troubleshooting and software upgrades.

Robotics technicians provide input at every stage, from design and development through to production, testing and operations. They are often responsible for the installation process as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs. Customer service skills are a prerequisite, in addition to the technical skills involved. Inspecting sites to ensure they are suitable and ready for installation is part of the job. Robotics technicians also need to be able to interpret and follow technical instructions and write clear instructions for end users.

Robotics technicians are sometimes called automation technicians or remote systems technicians.

Study pathway

The following TAFE or university courses are relevant to becoming an automation and robotics technician:

  • electronics and communication engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • applied Technologies. 

Some TAFE institutes also offer associate degrees in electronic engineering.