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There’s much more to a career in space than being an astronaut. There are many exciting career paths to follow right here on Earth. Space law, medicine, design and manufacturing, robotics and data analysis. We need a range of skills to support our growing space sector.

Building a future workforce

We’re inspiring the future workforce to study subjects and gain experience that will sustain and grow our national space industry.

Our goal is to triple the size of the sector and create up to 20,000 new Australian jobs by 2030. We are:

  • supporting STEM and space-related initiatives and organisations around Australia
  • developing programs to enable students and young professionals to gain real-world space-related educational and professional experiences
  • attracting international space experts into the Australian space education and industrial sectors
  • inspiring the next generation through the fascinating aspects of space
  • showcasing the diverse career paths in the Australian space sector and of Australian space professionals working internationally
  • supporting national activities that inspire an interest in space
  • collaborating with state and territory governments, industry, academia and research institutions

Launch your career in space

Space is a multidisciplinary domain and needs all sorts of skillsets and types of people.

Find the path to take your career into space. These are just a few fields for space professionals:

  • Administration: accounting, project management, human resources
  • Astronaut: via career paths from science, engineering, pilot, medicine
  • Computing: data management and analytics, artificial intelligence, software systems
  • Design: architecture, fabric, industrial, mechanical
  • Education: historians, writers, teachers
  • Engineering: aerospace, aircraft maintenance, avionics, electronics, flight test, mechanical, project, space systems, robotics, structural, telecommunications, almost any fields!
  • Marketing: communications and public relations
  • Technology research
  • Science: almost any field!
  • Space archaeologists and space anthropologists
  • Space program manager
  • Space law and regulation
  • Space medicine, the physiological and medical effects of spaceflight; biomedical science, life science, health research, flight surgeon, psychology
  • Space science: astrophysics, biology, meteorology, astronomy, geology
  • Technicians and trades: electricians, welders, robotics, radar, manufacturing

Career tips from an aspiring space doctor

Studying space medicine could take you to an Antarctica research analogue, the flight surgeon’s seat at Mission Control, or to outer space itself. Read about Vienna Tran’s dream to be a space doctor.

Meet some young Australian space professionals

These 3 space engineers enjoy the varied experiences of working in the space sector. Find out what their working days look like.

Work with us

We aim to support the sector to open up more employment options in the space industry through:

  • national and international engagement
  • policy and programs
  • regulation of civil space activities

Technical project and research roles sit within other agencies like:

  • Geoscience Australia
  • other scientific research bodies
  • universities
  • industry

All job vacancies are listed on the department's jobs website.

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  • Phone 1800 497 182 (within Australia) / +61 2 6276 1166
  • Head office: Lot Fourteen, McEwin Building. North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • Write to us at Australian Space Agency, GPO Box 2013, CANBERRA ACT 2601