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Space Industry Leaders Forum

The Space Industry Leaders Forum informs the Australian Space Agency on industry matters. Read about the forum and its members.

The Space Industry Leaders Forum keeps the Australian Space Agency informed on issues relevant to the industry. It is also a coordination point for the civil space sector. 

The forum:

  • supports the Australian Space Agency in the business and technological aspects of the space industry 
  • provides input into national civil space strategy and policy
  • works with the agency to provide one voice for the civil space sector
  • is not a decision making body and does not replace the role of trade associations.

Meet the members

CEO, Space Industry Association of Australia
Chief Executive Officer, Myriota
Chair, Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth - AROSE
Chief Executive Officer, Skykraft
Director, Gilmour Space Technologies
Chief Executive Officer, Saber Aeronautics
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre
Director, Electro Optic Systems Holdings and Australian Cyber Security Research Centre
Director, ANU InSpace, Australian National University
Director – SKA Telescope, CSIRO
Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd
Chief Executive Officer, Communications Alliance
Chief Executive Officer, Fleet