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Regulating Australian space activities

Rules and regulations for Australian space activities and how they are enforced.

We regulate Australian space and high-power rocket activities. We also oversee international arrangements affecting space regulation.

Conducting space activities

The Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 (the Act) establishes a system for regulating space activities in Australia or by Australian nationals outside Australia. The following activities need approval under the Act:

  • launching a space object from Australia
  • returning a space object to Australia
  • launching a space object overseas (for Australian nationals with an ownership interest)
  • returning a space object overseas (for Australian nationals with an ownership interest)
  • operating a launch facility in Australia
  • launching a high-power rocket from Australia.

See the notice of minister decisions to grant, vary, revoke, suspend or transfer a permit, licence or authorisation under this Act.

See the register of space objects authorised under the Act.

Complying with Australian regulations

Three sets of rules support the Act. The rules include application requirements for space and high-power rocket activity approvals:

The rules refer to these documents:

Read more about conducting Australian space activities under the regulatory framework. This information has been prepared in response to stakeholder feedback and addresses some frequently asked questions.

We will no longer be introducing fees for launch applications. Read more about our regulatory reform programs to encourage launches in Australia.

Enforcing regulations

The Act includes civil penalties for offences such as:

  • not holding a licence, permit, authorisation or authorisation certificate in certain circumstances
  • breaching a condition associated with a licence, permit, authorisation or authorisation certificate.

We will consider these principles in our approach to compliance:

  • being proportionate and responsive
  • being outcomes focused
  • being transparent and consistent.

We will be consistent in our approach to non-compliance, while considering specifics of each situation. We will decide whether to undertake enforcement action in a timely manner and in proportion to the risk posed by the non-compliance.

Our approach will maintain stakeholder confidence and encourage further discussions between industry and government to achieve positive regulatory outcomes.

Investigation reports

Under the Act, the minister appoints an investigator to examine any launch-related incidents or accidents.

If you have trouble accessing this documentation, please contact us. 

Space Regulation Advisory Collective

The Space Regulation Advisory Collective (SRAC) informs the regulatory function of the Australian Space Agency.

The SRAC is a network of non-government space sector representatives and other interested parties.

The SRAC provides the opportunity for stakeholders to raise issues that have, or may have, significant implications for the safety and security of space activities.

We aim to hold quarterly virtual workshops focusing on specific themes relevant to space regulation. Members can self-select attendance based on interest.  Workshop structure will vary in response to topic and expected numbers.

Members of SRAC may also receive notifications of any space regulation training or information sessions we hold.

Space regulation news

Aug 2023 Australian Space Agency

Changes to Space (Launches and Returns) Rules

Amendments to the General Rules and High Power Rocket Rules came into effect on 17 August 2023. The amendments have removed most ‘not a related party’ requirements.
Sep 2021 Australian Space Agency

First commercial rocket launch under updated Space (Launches and Returns) Act

The Australian Space Agency has given regulatory approval for a commercial rocket launch to take place from a newly licensed launch facility.