Reece Biddiscombe
Acting Director, National Missions, Australian Space Agency

Reece is responsible for delivering national missions that meet the goals outlined in the Australian Earth Observation from Space Roadmap and relevant government approvals.

In 2020, he led delivery of the Earth Observation from Space Roadmap by engaging closely with the Australian and international Earth observation communities. Reece also led the Bushfire Earth Observation Taskforce. The taskforce explored how Earth observation can make a greater contribution to bushfire risk management in Australia.

Reece was seconded to the Australian Space Agency from the Department of Defence in 2020. He moved into a substantive role at the agency in late 2021.

He had a long career at Defence as a geospatial intelligence analysis team leader. Since 2013, Reece has led space capability development and directed 2 major Defence major projects.

Reece has bachelor degrees in surveying and data management. He is working toward a Master of Space Operations with a focus on space program management.