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About the Australian Space Agency

Meet our executive team and advisory board.

We are a non-statutory entity in the department.

We were established on 1 July 2018 to:

  • coordinate civil space matters across government
  • support the growth and transformation of Australia’s space industry.

Meet our executive team

Australian Space Agency head
Enrico is responsible for governance and performance, management, policy leadership and strategic direction of the agency.
Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency
Dara ensures the agency delivers on its purpose to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that contributes to the economy.
Chief Technology Officer, Australian Space Agency
Aude is responsible for civil space strategy technical roadmaps, scoping and managing the agency’s space programs and delivering on domestic and international activities.
General Manager, Office of the Space Regulator
Christopher oversees the Australian Space Agency’s regulatory and international obligations responsibilities, coordinating civil space regulatory activities across government.
General Manager, Strategy and Industry, Australian Space Agency
Chris is responsible for policy development and coordination, industry growth facilitation and the teams supporting the operations of the agency.
Acting Director, National Missions, Australian Space Agency
Reece is responsible for the delivery of national missions that meet the goals outlined in the Australian Earth Observation from Space Roadmap and relevant government approvals.

Meet our advisory board

Australian Space Agency Advisory Board

The Australian Space Agency Advisory Board is non-statutory, independent and skills-based.

Statement of expectation and intent

Jan 2019 Australian Space Agency

Australian Space Agency: statement of expectations and intent

Read the Australian Government’s statement of expectations and our response in a statement of intent.