Australian Space Agency

We are transforming and growing a globally respected Australian space sector. Learn about our strategic priorities and initiatives.

What we do

Space technologies and services benefit all Australians.

They underpin a lot of the daily conveniences Australians have come to expect, including things like:

  • weather forecasting
  • emergency management
  • internet access
  • online banking
  • GPS.

Space technology can also help:

  • farmers monitor the health of their crops
  • emergency response workers track bushfires
  • mining vehicles work autonomously.

Learn about how we support these important activities. 

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Developing Australia's space industry capability

What we are doing to develop our space industry and how we collaborate with businesses in the industry.

Leading international space collaboration

We are actively involved in the national and international space industry.

Regulating Australian space activities

Rules and regulations for Australian space activities and how they are enforced.

Funding space programs and initiatives

Australia’s space projects and funding opportunities for businesses.

Australian Space Discovery Centre

Be inspired at the Australian Space Discovery Centre with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology from the space sector.

About the Australian Space Agency

Meet our executive team and advisory board.

Latest news

Illustration showing what Australia’s lunar rover would look like on the Moon.
Australian Space Agency

Competition to name Australia’s lunar rover

Australians have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name an Aussie-built rover that will go to the Moon.
Photo of team in lab standing in front of the oven
Australian Space Agency

Local manufacturer shows Australian ingenuity with space-ready circuitry

Brisbane-based Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd is attracting international attention by producing high quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) suitable for space environments.
Decorative banner for Earth Observation from Space Roadmap 2021-2030
Australian Space Agency

Changes to Space (Launches and Returns) Rules

Amendments to the General Rules and High Power Rocket Rules came into effect on 17 August 2023. The amendments have removed most ‘not a related party’ requirements.
Students being awarded certificate
Australian Space Agency

Australian Indigenous students chosen for NASA internship

Five Indigenous Australian university students will next week head to the USA for a once in a lifetime internship with NASA
A young man smiling and displaying ‘peace fingers’.
Australian Space Agency

Australian student experiment to be tested by ISS astronauts

An experiment proposed by an Australian university student will be carried out on the International Space Station (ISS).