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Privacy impact assessments

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We publish a register of all Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) we conduct.

A PIA is a systematic assessment of a project’s impact on the privacy of individuals and identifies steps for minimising that impact. PIAs are compulsory for projects with a new or changed way of handling personal information that is likely to have a significant impact on the privacy of individuals.


The table below is a register of all PIAs conducted since 1 July 2018 by the department and the following portfolio agencies and offices:

  • Chief Scientist
  • Chief Metrologist and National Measurement Institute
  • Anti-Dumping Commissioner and Commission
  • Anti-Dumping Review Panel
  • National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator
  • Innovation and Science Australia and associated committees
  • Australian Industry Participation Authority
  • Questacon
  • Australian Space Agency.

There are currently no PIAs to report.

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Last updated: 20 July 2018

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