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Climate change in our department

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We deliver policies and programs to reduce emissions, increase renewable energy uptake and help Australia adapt to the changing climate.

Our role

Our department:

  • leads the development and coordination of domestic climate change policy
  • administers climate change programs to help reduce emissions
  • develops and coordinates renewable energy policy and regulation
  • engages with stakeholder groups and the community on climate priorities
  • participates in international forums to support effective action on climate change
  • supports business and industry to innovate and adopt smarter practices and technologies
  • helps the land and agriculture sector reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changing environment
  • supports understanding of climate change with information and data

Our climate policies, programs and tools

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Our climate agencies

Our portfolio includes these climate change agencies and organisations.

  • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency aims to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia through various programs and projects.
  • The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) uses climate simulations to project future climate.
  • The Clean Energy Finance Corporation finances cleaner power solutions, including large and small-scale solar, wind and bioenergy. It also invests in more energy efficient property, vehicles, infrastructure and industry.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator administers schemes to reduce carbon emissions and increase clean energy use. These include the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, the Carbon Farming Initiative, and the Renewable Energy Target.
  • The Climate Change Authority advises the Australian Government on Australia’s climate change policies and future emissions reductions targets.
  • We support Snowy Hydro as a government renewable energy business enterprise.

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Last updated: 20 July 2020

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