Our department’s COVID-19 response

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We’re working hard to support government, industry and the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our department is working to:

  • find solutions to COVID-19-related business challenges
  • support manufacturers contributing to the COVID-19 response and beyond
  • improve our capacity to respond to emergencies

Helping businesses through COVID-19

We continue to help businesses through the challenges of COVID-19.

See COVID-19 information at business.gov.au for business support including financial assistance and recovery plans.

Watch our case study videos to see how businesses are pivoting in their response to COVID-19.

Creating resilient and thriving supply chains

The Australian Government launched the Modern Manufacturing Strategy to strengthen Australia’s manufacturing capability.

The $1.5 billion initiative will create jobs and build long-lasting economic resilience beyond the COVID-19 recovery.

The strategy helps Australian manufacturers:

  • scale-up
  • collaborate
  • commercialise

It unlocks private sector investment and supports manufacturers to deliver on the world stage.

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Scientific support for suppliers

High quality measurement data is key to building a competitive market, both during the COVID-19 recovery period and into the future.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement.

NMI innovations in response to COVID-19 are critical to:

  • supporting quality manufacturing and community safety
  • providing consumer confidence in the quality of PPE and other products
  • increasing the reliability of pathology testing and wastewater surveillance

See our chemical and biological measurement reference materials.

Learn how our COVID-19 developments and new measurement services have helped industry during the pandemic.

Contributions to COVID-19 research

Australia’s Chief Scientist led a team of experts from across Australia and New Zealand to contribute to the Rapid research information forum (RRIF).

The RRIF allows multidisciplinary research experts to address questions about COVID-19 developments in Australia.

CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness continues to research COVID-19 and test vaccines.

Ministerial media releases

Our portfolio Cabinet Ministers have issued media releases in response to COVID-19.

Read all ministerial media releases on the minister.industry.gov.au website.

Contact us

For business related coronavirus (COVID-19) information and support, contact us via our online enquiry form.