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Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines

The Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines (the Committee) is an independent, multidisciplinary, expert group. It monitors and considers the science on the potential impacts of sound (including infrasound and low frequency) from wind turbines on health and the environment.

While the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner (the Commissioner) draws on the work of the Committee, the Committee is independent and separate from the Commissioner.

View the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner’s website.

Terms of Reference for 2018-2021

The Committee is convened as an independent, multidisciplinary, expert group to improve science and monitoring of the potential impacts of sound from wind turbines (including low frequency and infrasound) on health and the environment.

The Committee will provide advice on:

  • the development of Australian methodologies and frameworks in sound measurement and standards for wind farms, including in the field of infrasound and low frequency sound
  • innovation in cost-effective, continuous sound monitoring of wind farms
  • options for wind farm operators to maximise transparency such as by providing information on wind speed, operational statistics, operating hours and sound monitoring

The Committee will monitor and periodically review progress in understanding the potential health impacts of wind farms and comment on further possible research developments to support standards and measurement protocols.

An important part of the Committee's role is bringing together partners to inform their work, including linking to the work being undertaken through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The Committee complements the work of the National Wind Farm Commissioner to identify needs and priorities for monitoring efforts to deliver transparency of information.

The Committee will:

  • support the National Wind Farm Commissioner to consider the harmonisation of wind farm noise standards across states and territories
  • provide advice to Government on the need to consider changes to existing standards, based on a review of the World Health Organization's Environment Noise Guidelines, and the two ongoing NHMRC projects

The Committee will provide an Annual Report to the Australian Parliament reporting on delivery against these Terms of Reference and other achievements.


The Committee was established in 2015 for three years and has been extended until December 2021.

  • Adjunct Professor John Davy (Chair)
  • Dr Kym Burgemeister
  • Professor Simon Carlile
  • Clinical Professor David Hillman AO

Annual reports

The Committee’s annual reports are tabled in Parliament and published on this website.

View the Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines annual reports.

Published papers

The Committee has published three peer-reviewed papers:

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Last updated: 26 March 2021

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