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Freedom of information disclosure log 2020

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Disclosure Log Number: 20/050/66983

Subject: Coal Testing

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log 20/050/66983 [3MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/049/67554

Subject: tender process

Description: risk management plans

Disclosure log 20/049/67554 [927KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/048/62041

Subject: Resources Taskforce

Description: Correspondence/reports

Disclosure log 20/048/62041 [6.4MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/047/67336

Subject: Fraud Control Measures

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/045/67336[1.5MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/046/67013

Subject: ISI Evaluation

Description: Reports

Disclosure log 20/046/67013 [2.3MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/045/67275

Subject: legal advice

Description: email headers

Disclosure log 20/045/67275 [674.4KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/044/67304

Subject: Determine decision maker

Description: internal correspondence

Disclosure log 20/044/67304 [318.4KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/043/66871M

Subject: ARENA board appointments

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log 20/043/66871M [2.5MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/042/66858

Subject: UNGI program

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log 20/042/66848 [2.3MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/041/67153

Subject: ISI Templates

Description: ISI Templates

Disclosure log 20/041/67153 [737.9KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/040/67066

Subject: ‘Understanding Australia’s Historical and Projected Emissions’

Description: Slide presentation

Disclosure log 20/040/67066 [1.1MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/039/66859

Subject: Addendum 6 of RFT No. PRI00003859

Description: correspondence

Disclosure log 20/039/66859 [646.1KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/038/66465

Subject: Judicial Review

Description: correspondence

Disclosure log 20/038/66465 [1.04MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/037/66673

Subject: Grant application

Description: documents

Disclosure log 20/037/66673 [61.1KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/036/66704M

Subject: Review

Description: Review into the NOGA Group

Disclosure log 20/036/66704M [1.09MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/035/66900

Subject: EPC meeting minutes

Description: Order of proceedings

Disclosure log 20/035/66900 [3.09MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/034/66872

Subject: Statistics of the Incubator Support Initiative

Description: data

Disclosure log 20/034/66872 [163.3KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/033/66717

Subject: non-APS contractors

Description: list of positions

Disclosure log 20/033/66717 [214KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/032/66592

Subject: Grants

Description: Audit details

Disclosure log 20/032/66592 [7.14MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/031/66366

Subject: New Generation Investments Scheme

Description: emails

Disclosure log 20/031/66366 [498.2KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/030/66379

Subject: grant applications

Description: database extraction

Disclosure log 20/030/66379 [228.45KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/029/66406

Subject: EPC Meetings

Description: EPC Minutes

Disclosure log 20/029/66406 [7.42 MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/028/66585

Subject: grant applicants

Description: database extraction

Disclosure log 20/028/66585 [180.4KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/027/66283

Subject: Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Climate Trigger) Bill

Description: draft submissions and correspondence

Disclosure log 20/027/66283 [10.07MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/026/66440

Subject: Incubator Support Initiative

Description: Grant guidelines

Disclosure log 20/026/66440 [8.65MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/025/66378

Subject: grant applications

Description: database extraction

Disclosure log 20/025/66378 [191KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/024/66377

Subject: grant applications

Description: database extraction

Disclosure log 20/024/66377 [200KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/023/66380

Subject: Grant applications

Description: Database extraction

Disclosure log 20/023/66380 [170KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/022/65999M

Subject: Australian Energy Council

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log 20/022/65999M [1.09MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/021/65971

Subject: Snowy Hydro 2.0

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/021/65971 [784KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/020/66440

Subject: Arnhem Space Centre

Description: documents

Disclosure log 20/020/66440 [21.6MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/019/65454M

Subject: Supply Chain Finance Project

Description: documents

Disclosure log 20/019/65454M [1.24MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/018/65483

Subject: Advertised position information

Description: Information related to Position 503026

Disclosure log 20/018/65483 [10.5MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/017/65416

Subject: Grant application

Description: Database extraction

 Disclosure log 20/017/65416 [156KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/016/65594M

Subject: grant guidelines

 Description: briefs

Disclosure log 20/016/65594M [6MB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/015/65591

Subject: Expert panel correspondence

Description: correspondence

Disclosure log 20/015/65591 [848KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/014/65590M

Subject: Expert panel correspondence

 Description: correspondence

Disclosure log 20/014/65590M [727KB PDF]

Disclosure Log Number: 20/013/65378

Subject: Brief

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/013/65378 [334KB PDF]

Disclosure Log number: 20/012/64298

Subject: grant application

Description: forms and correspondence

Disclosure log 20/012/64298 [936KB PDF]

Disclosure Log number: 20/011/65360

Subject: Activity Report

Description: Correspondence and Documents

Disclosure log 20/011/65360 [14.7MB PDF]

Disclosure Log number: 20/010/65376M

Subject: Bushfire risk in 2019-2020

 Description: Briefs and correspondence

Disclosure log 20/010/65376M [785KB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/009/63684

Subject: Yeelirrie mine

Description: Briefs and correspondence

Disclosure log 20/009/63684 [11MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/008/63987

Subject: Correspondence

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/008/63987 [2MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/007/64258M

Subject: Correspondence

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/007/64258M [6.9MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/006/64217

Subject: Tender process

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/006/64217 [1.7MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/005/65414

Subject: Grant application

Description: Database extraction

Disclosure log 20/005/65414 [155KB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/004/64234M

Subject: Brief

Description: Documents

Disclosure log 20/004/64234M [3.5MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/003/65339

Subject: Managed land proxy

Description: briefs and minutes

Disclosure log 20/003/65339 [17.2MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/002/65338

Subject: Quarterly update

Description: briefs and minutes

Disclosure log 20/002/65338 [5.2MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 20/001/64261

Subject: bushfire risk management

Description: background information

Disclosure log 20/001/64261 [1.4MB PDF]

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