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Freedom of information disclosure log 2016

Publicly available information released following a Freedom of information (FOI) access request in 2016.

Disclosure log number: 16/009

Subject of request: Incoming government brief 

Description: Volume 2 of Incoming Government Brief for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Disclosure log number: 16/008

Subject of request: The Australian Government National Innovation and Science website     

Description: Documents relating to the ‘About’ page

Disclosure log number: 16/007

Subject of request: Laboratory reports prepared by National Measurement Institute    

Description: Laboratory reports into the analysis of cocaine in February 2005

Disclosure log number: 16/006

Subject of request: Reports of the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network         

Description: 2015 Annual Report and 2015 Quarterly Report (October) of the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network

Disclosure log number: 16/005

Subject of request: Access to telecommunications data

Description: National Measurement Institute’s application for access to telecommunications data

Disclosure log number: 16/004

Subject of request: Home Insulation Program Industry Payment Scheme          

Description: Correspondence and extract of minute

Disclosure log number: 16/003

Subject of request: Access to telecommunications data 

Description: Correspondence between the National Measurement Institute and the Attorney-General’s Department

Disclosure log number: 16/002

Subject of request: Research and Development Tax Concession       

Description: Letter to Sovereign Gold Company Ltd

Disclosure log number: 16/001

Subject of request: Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine 

Description: Briefing documents created on 20-23 September 2015

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