Australian Energy Technology Assessments

The Australian Energy Technology Assessment (AETA) 2012 provides the best available and most up-to-date cost estimates for 40 electricity generation technologies under Australian conditions. These costs, detailed in this report and in an accompanying model, are provided by key cost component and include a levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) that allows for cross-technology and over time comparisons.

The AETA has been developed in close consultation with a project steering committee whose members were selected on the basis of their high-level of technical expertise and also a stakeholder reference group drawn from industry and research/academic organisations with interests and knowledge in a diverse range of electricity generation technologies.


Collapsed - 2012

The AETA 2012 Model (Version 1.0)

In conjunction with the AETA 2012 Report, BREE has released the AETA 2012 Model (version 1.0). This model is an excel format and allows users to calculate LCOE for 40 different technologies. Users can also modify some of the AETA technology parameters. The AETA 2012 Model is free to use.  

If you wish to receive the AETA 2012 Model, please email and a zip file will be sent to you via email.

Please note: that the model requires Microsoft Excel 2007 as a minimum and you will be required to enable macros for the model to work.

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