Science, Research and Innovation Budget Tables

The Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables report on Australian Government expenditure on research and development (R&D) over a 10 year period, including Budget estimates for the current financial year. The tables have been released annually since 1979-80.

2015-16 Budget Tables

The 2015-16 SRI Budget Tables, released on 30 July 2015, provide summaries of Australian Government support for science, research and innovation by sector, government portfolio and socio-economic objective. They provide detailed information on Australian Government research activities, R&D granting programs and other support for science, research and innovation. In addition, the tables provide information on industry contributions to rural research.

In harmony with the Australian Government’s commitment to provide expanded access to public sector data, the SRI Budget Tables for the first time include extended time series and other data for:

  • major publicly funded research agencies, rural R&D programmes, economic sectors and socio-economic objectives
  • National Health and Medical Research Council programmes and expenditure sectors
  • Cooperative Research Centres
  • Research block grants.

The 2015-16 tables also now include location details for a range of organisations that receive Australian Government research funding.

Past years' Budget Tables

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