Establishment of the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme - Discussion Paper

In line with the Government’s vision to enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries, the 2014-15 Budget set a new direction for industry policy with the establishment of the $484.2 million Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme which will be delivered through the new Single Business Service initiative.

This Programme will support the Government’s National Industry Investment and Competitiveness Agenda which will be finalised in the coming months.  It will also complement other Government programmes that provide support to business including the R&D Tax Incentive, Industry Skills Fund, Industry Growth Funds and the Manufacturing Transition Fund.

A discussion paper provides details on all of the Programme’s proposed services and seeks feedback from stakeholders. Submissions in response to the discussion paper and consultation questions covering the Business Management and Research Connection streams, closed on 19 June. Implementation of the full Programme will be phased in between 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014. Consultation will continue as the full Programme is rolled out.  You are welcome to Register your interest to receive updates about the Programme and to ensure your continued consultation on the Programme. You may also provide your feedback to

To ensure businesses are able to access the support they need to grow, initial services in the business management streams will begin on 1 July 2014.  These will be announced in the coming weeks.  These services will be refined following the stakeholder consultation and confirmed as part of the final Programme design.

Consultation paper

Note version is current as at 6 June 2014 and reflects corrections to downloading issues.

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