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About this publication

The Department of Industy is responsible for the collection of national and state petroleum statistical information, from which it produces its monthly publication, Australian petroleum statistics.

Australian petroleum statistics provides monthly national and state petroleum statistical information for the following categories:

  • sales of petroleum products
  • exports and imports of petroleum products and crude oil
  • production of crude oil and condensate
  • refinery input and output
  • stocks of petroleum products.

The latest editions of the publication are published online on a monthly basis. Editions from previous years are also available.

Latest edition of this publication

Previous editions of this publication

View the Australian petroleum statistics from previous years below.

2014 publications

Month Issue PDF XLS
October 219
September 218    
August 217    
July 216    
June 215    
May 214    
April 213    
March 212    
February 211    
January 210    

2013 publications

Month Issue PDF XLS
December 209    
November 208    
October 207    
September 206    
August 205    
July 204    
June 203    
May 202    
April 201    
March 200    
February 199    
January 198    


2012 publications

Month Issue No PDF XLS
December (revised 30 April 2013) 197    
November 196  
October 195
September 194  
August 193
July 192
June 191
May 190
April 189
March 188
February 187
January 186

2011 publications

Month Issue No Document
December 185
November 184
October 183
September 182
August 181
July 180
June 179
May 178
April 177
March 176
February 175
January 174

2010 publications

Month Issue No Document
December 173
November 172
October 171
September 170
August 169
July 168
June 167
May 166
April 165
March 164
February 163
January 162

Mandatory petroleum data reporting

On 25 January 2013, the then Minister for Resources and Energy announced the Australian Government's decision to develop and implement a mandatory petroleum data reporting regime. Mandatory reporting will improve the quality and coverage of data on the production, sale, stock holding and trade of petroleum across the Australian supply chain.

On 20 May 2013, a discussion paper was released to facilitate the first stage of consultation with stakeholders on the design and implementation of the regime.

Stakeholder views are welcomed on specific aspects of the regime including: the type of data collected, collection methodology, reporting boundaries, timing, confidentiality, existing legislative options and minimising regulatory burden.

Petroleum producers, refiners, importers, exporters, distributors, retailers, final users (e.g. mining and petrochemical) and users of Australian petroleum data are encouraged to lodge a submission in response to the discussion paper by COB on 5 July 2013 to

The discussion paper and further information on the development of the mandatory petroleum data reporting regime is available at the Industry website.

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For more information about mandatory petroleum data reporting email:

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