Country of Origin Labelling

Update on the implementation of the Australian Government's proposed Country Origin Labelling Reforms for food sold in Australia

On 31 March 2016, Commonwealth, state and territory ministers with responsibility for consumer affairs met and agreed to the Commonwealth’s preferred proposal for country of origin labelling reform, supported by a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS). See the Communique from the meeting.

To make these reforms law, a new Information Standard under Australian Consumer Law has been created which sets out the new country of origin labelling requirements for food sold in Australia. This new Information Standard will commence on 1 July 2016. Business will have two years to transition to the new arrangements and current stock in trade can see out its shelf life.

On 4 May 2016, the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Country of Origin) Bill 2016 was introduced to the Parliament to amend the safe harbour defences under Australian Consumer Law. The Bill was not passed by both Houses of Parliament prior to the dissolution of both Houses on 9 May and consequently the legislation will be a matter for consideration by the incoming government.

Changes to labelling requirements for imported foods with some Australian ingredients packed in Australia

The department has identified that an amendment to Section 22 of the Information Standard is required to reflect the policy intent adopted by Australian governments, namely for a very narrow range of foods, made in a single overseas country with at least some Australian ingredients, which are subsequently packed in Australia.

Changes to labelling requirements for imported foods with some Australian ingredients packed in Australia |

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For business

Businesses  can start to design the new labels now. Further information is available at, including:

  • an online decision tool to assist businesses to select and download labels to use;
  • a Style Guide to help businesses to determine how the new labels should look and be applied to food products; and
  • the country of origin labelling library where the relevant label parts can be downloaded.

For consumers

Further information for consumers interested in knowing more about the reforms is available at

For trading partners

More information about the labelling reforms for trading partners |


After extensive consultation with industry and consumers, the Australian Government announced a proposed new country of origin food labelling (CoOL) system on 21 July 2015.

While Australia already has mandatory CoOL for food, consumers find current origin labels confusing or unhelpful. The Australian Government proposed a new system to deliver clearer and more consistent country of origin food labels without imposing excessive cost on industry.

Consultation on the RIS and consultation package for country of origin labelling for food closed on 29 January 2016. The department acknowledges the contributions of all stakeholders. Submissions received during the consultation period can be viewed on the departmental Consultation Hub.

Following consultations, a Decision RIS was prepared and submitted to Commonwealth, state and territory ministers with responsibility for consumer affairs (the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs). For more information view the COAG Decision RIS |

The new system will see the continuation of mandatory country of origin labelling for most food offered for retail sale in Australia. In addition to a statement about where the food was produced, grown, made or packaged, most Australian food will carry the familiar kangaroo symbol and an indication of the proportion of Australian ingredients by weight through a statement and a bar graph. The new system will also see clearer rules around when food labels can carry ‘made in’ or ‘packed in’ statements.

Market research was commissioned by the department in June 2015 and included 18 focus groups and over 1200 surveys. Consumer responses showed strong endorsement for changes that would require food claimed to be Australian to include the proportion of Australian ingredients. For more information view the Consumer Research for Country of Origin Food Labelling |

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