National Innovation Map

The interactive National Innovation Map identifies the location of innovation activities (R&D expenditure, patent and trademark applicant counts) and business creation (new businesses) across Australia over time.

This map supports the Department of Industry and Science’s Australian Geography of Innovative Entrepreneurship (2015) research paper.

Business creation and innovation is influenced by proximity to other innovative activity including that of research organisations. Geographic location is therefore a major influence on innovation and business creation.

Australia’s population demographics and geography are unique and unlike almost any other international region with close to 70 per cent of the population concentrated in five major cities.

In Australia, the large distances between the major cities and regional and rural centres can be a challenge to knowledge flow and innovation cluster development, the foundations of innovation.

This tool can help you understand innovation and entrepreneurship trends in your region.

What is an SA3 region?

The geographic region used in this visualisation is SA3 regions. These are regions defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and are designed to have populations between 30,000 and 130,000 persons. They are often the functional areas of regional towns and cities with a population in excess of 20,000 or clusters of related suburbs around urban commercial and transport hubs within the major urban areas.

Use the tool below to find the correspondence between your postcode and SA3 region.