Office of the Chief Economist

Providing objective, robust and high quality economic  analysis to inform policy 
development across 
industry, innovation, resources, energy and evaluation.

Industry Monitor

The Industry Monitor is an online and dynamic publication that tracks Australia’s progress in the areas identified in the department’s Strategic Plan.


Recent reports and research papers are provided below. You can also view all publications which includes the future releases schedule.

National Innovation Map

The interactive National Innovation Map tool identifies the location of innovation activities and business creation across Australia over time. Business creation and innovation is influenced by proximity to other innovative activity including that of research organisations. Geographic location is therefore a major influence on innovation and business creation. This tool can help you understand innovation and entrepreneurship trends in your region.


Research papers

The Office of the Chief Economist produces research papers on a wide range of economic issues.  Papers are of an analytical nature and attempt to address research questions relevant to the department’s portfolio responsibilities.


The Chief Economist is available to discuss the contents of publications with media outlets, and to present the findings at industry events. Enquiries can be sent to