National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP)

On 4 December 2015, the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council released the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) and initial Work Plan of measures.

The NEPP provides a framework and an initial economy-wide work plan designed to accelerate action to deliver a 40 per cent improvement in Australia’s energy productivity by 2030. In better coordinating energy efficiency, energy market reform and climate policy, it brings together new and existing measures from across the COAG Energy Council’s work program, as well as from the Commonwealth and industry.

The NEPP aims to improve energy productivity by driving:

  • more productive consumer choices, through measures which make consumer energy choices easier, help business compete and provide more efficient incentives; and
  • more productive energy services, through measures which support innovation, competitive modern markets and consumer protection.

The Work Plan covers the first steps in the 15 year life of the NEPP and will be continuously updated.

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